Reasons For Earning a Specialized MBA

Reasons For Earning a Specialized MBA

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Earning an MBA places graduates in a position to take on the top jobs in their organization. In addition to general knowledge in the latest business theory and best practices, it also prepares them for leadership roles.

MBA specialization takes all that a step further. By entering a specialized MBA program, graduates are prepared to immediately make an impact in their field of their choosing. Such programs have eliminated the bias toward MBAs from certain schools and instead put the focus on a person’s ability to excel in a specific industry.

It’s a decision each MBA candidate must make. But for those who have an idea of what industry they want to work in – including the not-for-profit sector – a specialized MBA is worthy of consideration.

Here are some of the reasons why.

For those who already know what field they want to go into, the specialized MBA program is tailormade. While generalized knowledge is important, the specific industry knowledge gained in a specialized MBA program not only makes you a more attractive job candidate, but also makes you much more effective in your job from the first day.

Experienced Professionals
This is another group often attracted to earning a specialized MBA. Because they have experience in the working world, they are better positioned to decide what area they want to pursue. It could be they want to move higher up in the ranks of their current field. Or, they could have decided they want to change fields and need expert-level knowledge and skills in that area before making the leap.

Ease of Earning a Degree
Many schools now offer online courses that allow students to earn their degree while also continuing to work in their current jobs. In the case of Concordia University-Chicago, degrees also are offered in an accelerated online course that allows people to earn them even faster.

The Concordia University-Chicago specialized MBA programs also offer an example of the sort of specialties a student can focus on. They include MBAs in:

Leadership Potential
An MBA prepares students for leadership positions. But by focusing on a specific industry, a specialized MBA produces graduates even more prepared to lead in the field of their choice. When making decisions on who to put into positions of influence with a direct impact on business strategy and direction, those who committed their education to learning the industry will have an advantage.

Demand Is Growing
The Economic Times recently reported that a growing number of employers prefer hiring those with a specialized MBA in their industry. Deans across the country told U.S. News and World Report that employers increasingly expect MBA graduates to have a specialization. Having a specialization helps job candidates stand out from competitors, U.S. News noted, and makes it easier to get an initial job interview.

Deciding what type of MBA to pursue is a personal choice. But for those who have made the commitment to working in a specific industry, MBA specialization is a path worth considering.

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