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Meeting the Growing Demand for Quality Leadership in Education and Nonprofits

The success of future generations depends on the availability of good educators, and there will always be a demand for effective nonprofit leaders as long as there are underserved populations in need of support.

In one way or another, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations have a direct impact on most people’s lives, whether they’re pursuing a college degree, parenting school-age children, contributing to worthy charities or seeking support services for themselves or a loved one. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly a million new education, training and library jobs will be added between 2016 and 2026. In addition, employment of social and community services managers—including those who oversee nonprofit programs—will increase 18% over the same timeframe.

Concordia University Chicago recognizes the need for ethical, resourceful and responsible leaders in education and nonprofits. The school takes an innovative approach to educating professionals in both of these fields, offering students a choice of online master’s in higher education or school administration. For those who wish to pursue a doctorate in educational leadership, Concordia University Chicago offers a higher education leadership PhD or EdD.

The Concordia University Chicago Difference

The university focuses on preparing ethical and responsible leaders who have a global perspective on business and sociological issues. Concordia University Chicago features a 100% online learning environment and a “global classroom” with students from most U.S. states and more than 25 countries. Faculty members have real-world experience and knowledge of practical applications, and they are committed to inspiring and challenging students.

Online Doctorate in Education Leadership

PhD or EdD in Leadership: Higher Education Specialization
The higher education leadership PhD and EdD degrees are specifically designed for those who wish to become experts in their chosen field. Graduates will have the advanced knowledge needed to address the challenges facing colleges and universities across the country and around the world. Throughout the program, students will learn how to develop research skills, make evidence-based decisions and lead an institution through change. Upon graduation, they should be ready to implement the latest theories and best practices, and to navigate the complexities of running an institution of higher learning.

Online Master’s in Higher Education and Specialized MBA Programs

Master of Arts in Leadership: Higher Education Leadership Specialization
All MA in Leadership degree programs offered by the Concordia University Chicago focus on the belief that leaders must learn how to guide organizations through change using effective, ethical and efficient strategies. Students who pursue an online master’s in Higher Education Leadership can advance their careers by developing research skills and a familiarity with evidence-based decision-making. While the foundation of this program is based on U.S. higher education systems, students will also have opportunities to explore higher education from a global perspective.

MBA: Chief School Business Official Specialization
Concordia University Chicago offers innovative online MBA programs that graduate experts in a wide range of different specializations. In the Chief School Business Official MBA concentration, students prepare to take on executive leadership roles in the educational system. This program gives graduates a strong foundation in the skills required to be an effective school administrator, including budgeting, finance, regulatory, public relations and educational issues. Professionals who intend to work in Illinois also have the option to obtain an Illinois CSBO Management endorsement in conjunction with the MBA program.

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