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Preparing Innovative, Ethical Leaders with a Global Perspective

Resourcefulness. Creativity. Innovation. Ethical decision-making.

All these are attributes of quality leadership. Each plays an important part in the education of successful business executives in the 21st century, where a global economy offers both great rewards and complex challenges.

Though mistakes and unethical behavior among business or organizational leaders always make headlines, the majority work diligently to create a culture where profits are balanced with ethics, responsibility and a global perspective on the impact of business operations.

Leadership Careers

Such leaders are in great demand. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment of managers and executives will increase 8% from 2016 to 2026, resulting in more than 800,000 new leadership careers.

Recognizing this need for quality leadership education, Concordia University Chicago offers a range of doctorate, master’s, MBA and certificate programs focused specifically on developing exceptional leaders.

Business, Education and Healthcare Leadership at Concordia University Chicago

Concordia University Chicago takes an innovative approach to educating future leaders. Degree programs are designed for those preparing to take on leadership roles as well as managers and executives who want to gain advanced knowledge and skills.

With a choice of 100% online master’s and doctorate leadership degree programs, working adults have the opportunity to further their business careers while managing personal and professional obligations. Many of these online business programs are available in an accelerated format that can shorten the time required to attain a degree. All are programs of innovation from a university of distinction.

Doctorate in Business Leadership: Specialized Online DBA, PhD and EdD Programs

DBA in Strategic Leadership and Innovation
The online Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program offers another level of development beyond the MBA. This innovative program offers business leaders next-level learning in cutting-edge technology, operational strategy, and global economic and sociological issues. Students in the DBA program have the chance for professional enrichment and to conduct application-oriented research. Graduates are prepared to take on the most significant leadership roles in their specific industry.

PhD/EdD in Leadership: Higher Education Leadership
Students who wish to pursue a doctorate in educational leadership can choose from two online programs: an EdD or PhD in higher education leadership. Graduates will have vital insights into how to navigate the challenges that college and university administrators face on a daily basis. The curriculum covers such topics as fiscal and social responsibility, research methods, evidence-based decision-making and leading an institution through change. Students will learn how to leverage best practices and manage the complexities of college administration.

PhD/EdD in Leadership: Organizational Leadership
Professionals who enroll in this organizational leadership degree online will focus on translating the latest leadership theories into practical, successful strategies for modern organizations. With technology and data increasingly driving innovation and change in business, graduates of the PhD or EdD organizational leadership program will have expert-level skills in strategic planning and forecasting, leading organizations to adopt innovative changes, assessing the current state of operations, and overseeing solutions and reforms that deliver on business goals.

Online Master’s Degree Programs in Leadership and Business Administration

Concordia University Chicago offers a variety of innovative, specialized MBA and master’s degree programs that prepare tomorrow’s organizational leaders.

Online MBA Program
Many of today’s top global business leaders got their start at Concordia University Chicago. Students have the option to complete the university’s core online MBA program in two years by taking one class per term, or they can enroll in an accelerated one-year degree plan with two classes per term. Both programs include the same 12 courses, which cover topics such as leading effective organizations, entrepreneurialism and innovation, and managing human capital. In addition, students can choose from a variety of MBA specializations and certificate programs to prepare for employment or advancement in a particular field.

MBA in Leadership and Change Management
Resourcefulness and the ability to change are hallmarks of a successful business. The online MBA with a specialization in Leadership and Change Management helps leaders adapt to meet the challenges of today’s ever-evolving business climate, including industry disruption by competitors and the changing desires of customers. Students in this program will master the theories, techniques and tactics needed to promote successful strategic change within an organization. Graduates who earn an online change management master’s degree will be well prepared to manage organizational changes that led to positive outcomes.

Master of Arts in Leadership: Health Care Specialization
The MA in Leadership with a specialization in Health Care prepares graduates to become innovative, creative and competent leaders in the growing healthcare field. This online master’s degree program emphasizes practical applications and trains students to implement successful leadership strategies in multiple healthcare disciplines, including public policy, human resource management, healthcare administration, ethics, healthcare laws and regulations, and epidemiology.

Master of Arts in Leadership: Organizational Leadership Specialization
Concordia University Chicago allows business professionals to prepare for advancement by earning an organizational leadership degree online. The MA in Leadership with a specialization in Organizational Leadership helps students develop expertise in strategic planning, forecasting and innovative change. Graduates will be ready to take on leadership positions that help guide organizations through the challenges of the modern global business environment.

Master of Arts in Leadership: Higher Education Specialization
An online master’s in higher education can help managers and educators transition into or advance within college administration. The MA in Leadership with a specialization in Higher Education features several core courses that can benefit leaders in any field—including Leadership and Excellence, Strategic Leadership and Planning, and Ethical and Social Leadership—as well as six classes that focus specifically on higher education leadership. All graduates will complete this specialized master’s degree program with a three-credit leadership capstone.

Educating Effective Leaders Through Flexible Online Master’s and Doctorate Leadership Degree Programs

Effective leadership has always been critical to the success of businesses, healthcare organizations and educational institutions. In the fast-paced and constantly evolving environment of the 21st century, it’s never been more important. Concordia University Chicago prepares the kind of leaders who are ready to turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities. 

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