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Specialization Expands Opportunities in Innovative MBA and DBA Programs

Business is now global in reach, with an emphasis on data-driven strategies, effective decision-making skills and organizational leadership. Online business degrees offer a convenient way to master these core concepts, while specializations allow graduates to demonstrate expertise in a particular field.

A master of business administration (MBA) or doctorate in business administration (DBA) is a powerful tool for professionals who aspire to advance their careers, and those with in-depth knowledge in specific business areas are well positioned for sought-after jobs in competitive industries. That’s why Concordia University Chicago offers a wide range of online MBA and DBA degrees, including a core MBA, 10 MBA specializations and two DBA concentrations as well as business certificate and endorsement options.

Four Pillars of Knowledge
All online business programs from Concordia University Chicago are built upon Four Pillars of Knowledge:

  • Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • Critical Thinking and Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Communication and Human Relations
  • Global Interconnectedness and Inclusiveness

These four pillars are integrated throughout every online MBA, DBA and certificate course, preparing students to become successful leaders and valued contributors in any organization.

Two Classroom Options
100% Online
Online education offers many benefits, particularly for working adults who need to balance coursework with professional and personal obligations. At Concordia University Chicago, students can enjoy the flexibility and convenience of a 100% online learning environment. In addition, many of the university’s online business programs are available on an accelerated plan that allows for faster degree completion.

Many students prefer an in-person educational experience. For those that learn better in a physical classroom, Concordia University Chicago offers traditional, on-campus classes for the MBA and DBA programs. 

Doctorate in Business Administration: Specialized DBA Degrees

DBA in Strategic Leadership and Innovation
Technology and business analytics now drive decision-making in many organizations and figure prominently in modern business strategies. The DBA degree with a specialization in Strategic Leadership and Innovation covers leadership theory and practical business applications while addressing global economic and sociological issues that affect worldwide markets. Graduates will be well prepared for executive leadership roles and understand how to leverage disruptive innovation to achieve business goals.

DBA in Innovation in Health Care Management 
Business leaders in the healthcare industry face unique challenges, including ever-changing regulations and insurance-related issues. The DBA with an Innovation in Health Care specialization addresses these critical areas and covers the latest healthcare research, theory and practical business strategies. Students in the healthcare DBA program will focus on enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare operations and improving patient outcomes.

DBA in Innovations in Human Resources – Examines the foundational concepts of Human Resources (HR) in business environments, and recognizes the current challenges to HR management as it relates to traditional theories, models and practices.

DBA in Marketing Innovations – Addresses global marketing strategies, emerging trends, and global corporate social responsibility; develops the understanding  of the marketing channel, placing emphasis on channel design strategy and management.

Master of Business Administration: In-Demand MBA Degree Programs

Core MBA Degree and Specializations
When it comes to MBA degrees, Concordia University Chicago offers choices to suit any schedule and virtually every interest. Students can complete the core MBA program in two years by taking one class per eight-week session. They also have the option to pursue a specialization in some of today’s most in-demand career fields.

This innovative approach allows students to develop expertise in a particular area of interest, ensuring they have marketable skills to complement their broader business knowledge. MBA graduates will also be armed with proven business strategies and best practices that are applicable in any industry.

In addition to the one- or two-year core MBA degree, Concordia University Chicago offers 10 specializations:


Chief School Business Official Endorsement
Students who enroll in the Chief School Business Official MBA specialization are eligible to earn an Illinois Chief School Business Official (CSBO) endorsement. The university’s curriculum adheres to state-mandated requirements for endorsement, including six credit hours of clinical experience. Students must also pass the CSBO content test #185 to attain endorsement. 

Illinois CSBO endorsement is an optional component of the specialized MBA program; students from other states and countries can complete their online MBA degrees without pursuing endorsement. However, those who intend to work in Illinois may find that CSBO endorsement provides an advantage when applying for leadership positions at educational institutions and school systems throughout the state.

Leading the Way in Online Graduate Business Degrees and Credentials

Concordia University Chicago is committed to empowering the next generation of business leaders with a quality graduate education in a convenient online format. These specialized DBA, MBA and certificate programs can open the door to challenging and rewarding roles across a wide range of professions. At Concordia University Chicago, students will embrace a spirit of innovation from a school of distinction.

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