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Develop the Skills for Educational Leadership with an MBA, Chief School Business Official Specialization from Concordia University Chicago

Educational leaders play a vital role in society. They work not only to ensure that schools operate efficiently, but also that they provide students with the best education possible. Leaders with a foundation in theory, practical knowledge and strong ethics—particularly those with a master’s in education—are in demand in educational systems everywhere.

At the same time, today’s education leaders face a complex set of financial, regulatory and administrative issues. Earning an online MBA with a Chief School Business Official Specialization from Concordia University Chicago prepares graduates with the strategies and tactics needed to meet these challenges.

This on-campus or 100% online Master of Business Administration program is designed for professionals who aspire to work in influential leadership roles within the educational system.

Helping others to be ready for opportunities and to live their dreams is what gives meaning to my life. My family and my professors at Concordia University Chicago have empowered me to live my dream, and I believe that it is my gratitude to enable and help others to live their dreams as well.

- Ahmed Montasser Abdalbaqi
MBA '16, DBA '20

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MBA, Chief Business School Official Outcomes

The Chief School Business Official MBA helps students:

  • Master the knowledge needed to excel in today’s complicated educational system from HR and public relations to facilities maintenance, legal issues and  school finance/budgeting
  • Develop practical skills related to educational budgeting, facilities management, human resources, public relations, and administrative and legal issues
  • Gain professional insights during a school business management internship
  • Prepare to take the tests required for Illinois CSBO Management endorsement

Take the Next Step in Your Education Career with an MBA

Concordia University Chicago offers a variety of specialized MBA degrees in many disciplines and industries, including options for students interested in earning a master’s in education. The online MBA with a Chief School Business Official Specialization is designed for professionals who wish to move into educational leadership roles.

This MBA includes many of the courses featured in the core MBA degree program, plus four additional courses in specialized school management topics as well as a two-semester, six-credit internship opportunity:

  • Managing and Leading Effective Organizations
  • Ethics, Law and Communication in Decision Making
  • Global Marketing in the Digital Era
  • Organizational Behavior for Competitive Advantage
  • Economics for Managers
  • Strategy for Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • School Funding Accounting & Budgeting
  • Managing Human Capital
  • School Evaluation and Change Process
  • Principles of School Business Management
  • School Business Management Internship I
  • Capstone
  • School Finance Law
  • School Business Management Internship II

Program Details

The 42-credit MBA with a Chief School Business Official Specialization includes 36 hours of online coursework and a six-credit internship opportunity. The academic calendar features three 16-week semesters per year, with each semester comprised of two consecutive eight-week terms. With a total of six sessions per calendar year, students can complete the MBA program in two years by taking one class per term. However, students are encouraged to partner with their advisor to create a customized degree plan that is comfortable for their unique circumstances. Students also have the option to pursue an Illinois CSBO Management endorsement, which is highly recommended for those who plan to work in Illinois.

Chief School Business Official Endorsement

Students who enroll in the Chief School Business Official MBA specialization are eligible to earn an Illinois Chief School Business Official (CSBO) endorsement. The university’s curriculum adheres to state-mandated requirements for endorsement, including six credit hours of clinical experience. Students must also pass the CSBO content test #224 to attain endorsement. 

Illinois CSBO endorsement is an optional component of the specialized MBA program; students from other states and countries can complete their online MBA degrees without pursuing endorsement. However, those who intend to work in Illinois may find that CSBO endorsement provides an advantage when applying for leadership positions at educational institutions and school systems throughout the state.

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is the average salary

that MBA graduates made in 2021 according to US News and World Report.

Career Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects an 5% increase in employment of school principals between 2021 and 2031.

A master’s degree in education is often required for leadership and administrative roles in the education system, along with prior teaching or administrative experience. An MBA degree with an education specialization demonstrates that graduates are knowledgeable in business theory and education system challenges, making them uniquely prepared for administrative roles.

Earning an online MBA with an education specialization prepares graduates for a variety of leadership and administration positions, including:

  • Elementary, Middle or High School Principal
  • Development Director
  • Chief Academic Officer
  • School System Administrator
  • Superintendent

Salaries vary depending on the position. According to BLS data from May 2021, the median pay for school principals was $98,420 while the top 10% of principals earned more than $153,520 per year.

As these job growth numbers and earnings potential illustrate, qualified educational leaders remain in demand. Earning an online MBA with a Chief School Business Official Specialization from Concordia University Chicago will prepare you for educational leadership roles and a career that focuses on providing the best education possible for all students.

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MBA, Chief School Business Official: 42 Credit Degree Program

MBA, Chief School Business Official Courses
Total Core MBA Credits – 36
ID CourseCredits
MBAC 6000Managing and Leading Effective Organizations3
MBAC 6050Ethics, Law and Communication in Decision Making3
MBAC 6100Global Marketing in the Digital Era3
MBAC 6155Organizational Behavior for Competitive Advantage3
MBAC 6200Economics for Managers3
MABC 6250Strategy for Entrepreneurship and Innovation3
EDL 6510School Funding Accounting and Budgeting3
MBAC 6350Managing Human Capital (HR, HCM, Global Teams)3
EDL 6150School Evaluation and Change Process3
EDL 6211Principles of School Business Management3
EDL 6986School Business Management Internship I3
MBAC 6690Capstone3
EDL 6520School Finance Law3
EDL 6987School Business Management Internship II3

Tuition & Financial Aid

If there is no interruption in your course of study at Concordia University Chicago, you are guaranteed there will be no increase in tuition rates. Contact us to confirm the current tuition and fees for this online MBA degree. Students who enroll in the online MBA program as a degree candidate are eligible to apply for federal financial aid.

Active-duty military service members, veterans and eligible dependents can take advantage of financial programs available to assist in paying for a college education. For more information, please visit the active-duty/veterans website.

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission into the online accounting MBA degree program at Concordia University Chicago, students must have earned a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution. Complete and submit all required admission materials as follows:

  • Objective Statement – Write a brief statement outlining your education and career goals and explain how an MBA degree from Concordia University Chicago will help you fulfill those objectives.
  • Official Transcripts – Provide one official, sealed transcript from each institution that has granted you a degree. Full admission requires a cumulative grade point average of 2.85 or better for bachelor’s degrees and 3.00 or higher for a master’s degrees.
  • Letters of Recommendation – Send two letters of recommendation from individuals who are able to comment on your academic proficiency, professional competencies and personal character.

International applicants may be required to submit additional supporting materials, such as proof of English language proficiency, a copy of their passport and a foreign transcript evaluation from an approved credentialing service. For full requirements, visit the Admission & Tuition page. 

There is no application fee and no GRE requirement to apply for the online MBA program at Concordia University Chicago.


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