MBA Digital Marketing Course Descriptions

MBAD‐6105: Digital Strategy & Planning (3 hours) Combines the strategic view of digital marketing with a tactical approach using exercises and projects to learn and use the tools and techniques of digital marketers. This course will develop a strategic framework for planning and analyzing digital marketing strategies. Students will leave the course with a working knowledge of the tools and processes for creating, managing and executing digital marketing plans. 

MBAD‐6110: Digital Marketing Analytics (3 hours) This course will focus on the analytical insights derived from online marketing initiatives within social media, search and website activity. This course will guide students through web analytics and other data sources to better understand important and appropriate metrics and how to use them to analyze and improve digital marketing initiatives. 

MBAD‐6115: Social Media Marketing Communications (3 hours) This course is designed to help students understand how marketing communications has (and has not) changed due to the rise of social media. More importantly, the course will equip students with appropriate knowledge, perspectives and practical skills for leveraging the opportunities inherent in social media and consumer‐to‐consumer social interactions for achieving business and marketing goals. 

MBAD‐6120: Mobile Marketing (3 hours) Mobile marketing focuses on utilizing the power of mobile technologies as a means to access and communicate with increasingly mobile consumers. Mobile is at the epicenter of the highly disruptive changes occurring within digital marketing. The introduction of new mobile marketing vehicles is accelerating. Marketers need to be aware of the evolving options available, evaluate which are relevant to their marketing objectives and create compelling campaigns that take advantage of the power of these new media.

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Concordia University Chicago Digital Marketing MBA Course Descriptions

Students enrolled in the MBA with Digital Marketing Specialization at Concordia University Chicago will take all of the courses above in addition to courses included in the core Concordia University MBA. You can review the core MBA classes here.

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