Advantages of a Global MBA in Today’s Marketplace

Advantages of a Global MBA in Today’s Marketplace

While earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree remains the gold standard for entering the top levels of the business world, not every MBA is created alike.

Today, specialization is often the key to becoming as prepared as possible to take on leadership roles in areas such as healthcare, finance, digital marketing, and sports management. Graduates from specialized programs have both the business skills needed from an MBA program as well as expertise in their chosen industry.

Another key factor is a global MBA. With the expansion of the marketplace around the world – thanks in part to the internet – there is a growing need to understand the complexities of conducting business worldwide.

What You Learn in Global MBA Programs

The term “global MBA” can cover many different types of programs. In some cases, it might be an MBA program in the United States offered to international students. It may also refer to MBA programs that put an emphasis on learning about business in other parts of the world.

In the best programs, it’s a mixture of both.

Typically, global MBA programs allow students to become acquainted with students from many various locations, giving them a unique perspective. The curriculum itself can include courses on the business environment in various parts of the globe.

This includes both business regulations and local cultural customs. This allows graduates to know not only how to lead a business in the U.S., but also opens them up to new ways of looking at business in various parts of the world.

It’s almost become a necessity. Larger corporations have extended their reach around the globe. The internet allows businesses of all sizes to conduct sales across international borders. But this all requires strict adherence to regulations and experts in managing business in different countries.

An Example of a Global MBA

Concordia-University Chicago offers an excellent example of what can be done with an MBA program, both in the number of MBA options offered and the global nature of the program. The university has taken full advantage of the potential for online learning. Working professionals can schedule coursework around their busy professional schedules. But it goes beyond that.

Concordia University-Chicago has students from 26 foreign countries. This offers an unparalleled opportunity for students to build a strong network of like-minded business students.

The school also employs a global faculty. They have sought the brightest minds in business from wherever they are in the world, offering students a chance to learn about business with a global perspective.

That kind of worldly perspective can only enhance a business leader’s career. For those who want preparation to lead businesses into the next decade and beyond, it’s worth considering the advantages of a global MBA.

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