Why earn your MBA?

Earn your mba

It’s simple.  One word. Growth. An MBA brings growth in four different areas: career, salary, global and networking. These four areas are essential to your success in the business world and harnessing the potential growth for each of these areas is not something to overlook.

Career Growth

The Sears Tower (and it will always be Sears Tower) represents more than Chicago itself. It represents the heights that you can reach. You can achieve some of the highest points in the world with an MBA. An MBA opens so many doors to grow your career and career advancement. In the wake of 2020, differentiating yourself and rising above other applicants is key to progressing in your chosen field. Some positions aren’t open to those who haven’t earned an MBA. Some companies may not even promote those who don’t have an MBA, depending on your field. 80% of MBA graduates land a job within three months and many have an excellent return on investment. Many of these job opportunities offer a signing bonus for graduates covering a significant part of an MBA’s tuition.

Salary Growth

According to Payscale.com, the average salary for a person with an MBA is $90,073. Depending on both the job and the field, a person with an MBA can make as much as 32% more than a person in the same position who only has a bachelor’s degree. Payscale states that a person with a bachelor’s degree who works as a Finance Director makes approximately $104,000 per year. With an MBA, that number increases to $137,000 per year. While it differs by field, most jobs see a substantial increase in relation to an MBA degree.

Global Growth

Take a look at the management of top companies in the world. The majority of those individuals have an MBA. An MBA is a globally accepted credential and is universally recognized in the business world as one of the best degrees out there. Earning an MBA could lead to job opportunities outside of the United States that may have otherwise been unattainable.

Networking Growth

Studying alongside fellow MBA candidates and your professors provides you with extensive networking opportunities. Your cohort consists of diverse students from a variety of different backgrounds. Concordia University Chicago’s extensive alumni network will also provide you with networking opportunities. Besides access to all on-campus departments, including alumni relations and career services, students in Concordia University Chicago’s online MBA program have the same opportunities as on-campus students to attend job fairs and other networking events. Concordia-Chicago understands that networking is a key component of an MBA program and growing your career. We offer students numerous opportunities to expand their network. If you’re interested in how to grow your career and become a leader in business, an MBA from Concordia University Chicago is a great way to set you apart and make you a competitive candidate for any position.

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