MBA Finance Course Descriptions

MBAF‐6455: Fundamentals of Money & Banking (3 hours) This course provides an understanding of the role and importance of money, banking and financial markets within the U.S. economy and the global economy. This course will explore the origins of money and also the nature of money and how financial institutions are involved in the exchange of goods and services on a global basis. Finally, this course will help you appreciate the importance of interest rates and the Central Bank. Prerequisite: C or higher in MBAC‐6450. 

MBAF‐6460: Advanced Financial Statement Analysis (3 hours) The focus of this course is the analysis of financial reporting and disclosures. Students will understand how the financial reports are used to help in management decision‐making and to create value within the organizations. This course explores the role of managers in financial reporting and disclosure choices. Finally, this course will provide the knowledge to develop and interpret financial statements and to learn the skills necessary to make decisions from the reports. Prerequisite: C or higher in MBAC‐6450. 

MBAF‐6465: International Finance (3 hours) This course will focus on international finance from both the corporate and banking perspective. It is designed to help students understand financial constraints on international business and differences between domestic and international environments. This course will guide students through international monetary system, the differences between foreign trade and foreign investments, measurement and management of foreign‐exchange exposure, international financial markets and banking, import/export financing, and international taxation. Prerequisite: C or higher in MBAC‐6450. 

MBAF‐6470: Intermediate Corporate Finance (3 hours) This course provides a comprehensive review of corporate finance topics and examines the concepts, techniques and tools that financial managers use to make effective investing, financing and working capital management decisions. Students will examine advanced capital budgeting topics, financing decisions, working capital management and multinational finance. Prerequisite: C or higher in MBAC‐6450.

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Specializations Build Upon The Concordia Core MBA

Students enrolled in the MBA with Finance Specialization at Concordia University Chicago will take all of the courses above in addition to courses included in the core Concordia University MBA. You can review the core MBA classes here.

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