Leading Through Innovation Is the Key to Entrepreneurial Success


Innovation is more than just coming up with novel approaches to business operations and development of products. Innovation is a mindset. At Concordia University Chicago, innovation is one of the major driving forces behind the creation of the curriculum. Leading through innovation is the key to entrepreneurial success!

Who Are Innovative Leaders?

The term “innovative leader” typically is used to describe someone of great creative talent who has impactful ideas that can shape the direction of entire industries. However, an innovative leader is also someone who can motivate the people around them to make those ideas into a reality.

Steve Jobs, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison are three Americans who embody that idea.

Innovative leadership also includes the ability to create a culture in which others can innovate.  Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are famous examples of this approach.

Some of the traits of innovative leaders, as outlined by the Harvard Business Review, include:

  • Strategic vision
  • A strong focus on the customer
  • Ability to create a climate of reciprocal trust
  • A commitment to doing what is right for the customer and the business
  • Candor in communication
  • The ability to inspire others

Innovation and Entrepreneurs

The ability to create an innovative atmosphere is crucial to success as an entrepreneur. That’s because the best innovations come from working with creative teams. That is why Concordia University Chicago’s innovation and entrepreneurship program focuses on ways to develop creative talent.

The program also teaches entrepreneurs how to build work environments that support creative and divergent thinking.

It’s a highly valued skill in the business world. A study from Accenture found 96% of executives agree that their organization’s success is dependent, very dependent or extremely dependent on innovation.

It’s easy to see why. Modern organizations must evolve quickly to stay efficient, effective and competitive. The global nature of today’s economy also has led to businesses having to develop innovative strategies for manufacturing and marketing efforts in other parts of the world.

Established businesses often experience the most disruption. To stay competitive in a new environment, these businesses must streamline their operations and reduce expenses. Innovative strategies, and the leaders who can develop and manage them, are necessary for the future of business.

Concordia University Chicago Master’s Program

A master of arts in innovation and entrepreneurship from Concordia University Chicago stands out for a number of reasons.

In addition to supplying students with the skills and knowledge that innovative leaders need, the program is also grounded in Concordia University Chicago’s Four Pillars of Knowledge. They are:

  • Ethics and social responsibility
  • Critical thinking and entrepreneurial mindset
  • Communication and human relations
  • Global interconnectedness and inclusiveness

Driven by these pillars, the online master’s of arts program offers graduates a sound background in strategies of the modern business world, as well as the practical methods to put them into action. Innovation at Concordia University Chicago is an integral part of the entrepreneurial mindset.

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