Job Options for an MBA in Sports Management

Sports Management

Chicago is a sports city through and through. 

Their sports fans have been through a lot. They’ve survived the Curse of the Billy Goat and just two years later, they had to watch the double doink slash the Bear’s super bowl hopes in the 2018 NFC’s Wild Card Game. From the Chicago Bulls to the Blackhawks Dynasty, Chicago sports are legendary. 

Concordia University Chicago understands Chicago and their deep pride in their sports teams and offers an online MBA specialization in sports management for those whose love of sports runs so deep, they want to make a career out of it. 

But what jobs does a sports management MBA prepare you for? Here’s a list of 5 potential options.

1. Sports Facilities Managers

Soldier Field isn’t just home to the Bears (though they did just sign a lease in Arlington Heights), but the Chicago Fire soccer team also hosts games there. As Sports Facilities Manager, you are in charge of the day-to-day operations. If something needs to be redesigned or rebuilt, you’re in charge of planning and delegating. The Sports Facilities Manager is also in charge of the leasing, buying or selling, of the stadium. They also oversee the structures, grounds, and custodial crews. 

2. Sports Agent

Think of some of the more recent Chicago star athletes. From Michael Jordan to Kahlil Mack and even the former Cub stars who all helped them win the World Series, they all had a sports agent. These agents are responsible for managing their clients’ business and legal affairs. Each new contract that these stars sign is negotiated by these agents in order to make sure that their client is taken care of. 

3. Clubhouse Manager

Maybe you’re more of a White Sox fan than a Cubs fan and dream of one day being the White Sox Clubhouse Manager. While this job certainly varies in what the duties and responsibilities entail, from a baseball perspective, you’ll be in charge of maintaining the clubhouse, keeping it orderly, keeping track of the uniforms and equipment, and you’ll even oversee the batt boys and girls. 

4. Athletics Administrator

Maybe collegiate sports are more niche (go cougars!). Athletics administrators handle the business side of a sports program. You don’t have to work for a college or university. Athletics administrators can work at any level: state, local, high school or grade school. They make sure that the budgets are handled, oversee any talent, organize schedule and transportation, as well a number of other behind-the-scenes work. 

5. Fan Experience Manager

Think of the fan experience at Wrigley Field. Singing along to Take Me Out To The Ball Game is a quintessential part of the experience, and while we miss Gary Pressy tickling those keys, the two new hires have been knocking it out of the park. Even the Chicago Dogs are available for those keen to taste one of Chicago’s most famous foods. You know that nostalgic feeling you have when you walk into such a historic stadium? That’s all down to the Guest Relations Manager (or Fan Experience Manager, in some places). As a Fan Experience Manager, you’re in charge of making sure every fan has a memorable experience at your venue. 

Concordia University Chicago Can Help Your Sports Dreams Come True

No matter what sports path you choose, an MBA in Sports Management can help you achieve your goals. Visit our MBA in Sports Management page or contact our Admission’s Counselor with any questions. 

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