The health care industry is rapidly changing, with advancements in patient care and treatments happening every day. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for medical and health services managers is $84,270, and the demand for those positions will continue to grow.


But according to one study, there are an estimated 400,000 deaths in America each year that happen because of preventable errors in the health care system. 


Now, more than ever, hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, and networks need more people who are knowledgeable about organizational leadership, finance, marketing, and administrative efficiency. And those people need to be passionate and dedicated to not just taking care of patients, but also to making crucial administrative and management decisions. 


Whether you’re already an experienced member of the industry or hoping to break in, an MBA in Health Care Management can help you move into your desired job position. It can also open up new opportunities for growth and leadership in healthcare organizations that positively impact the lives of patients and their families. 


Here are four signs that you might be ready for an MBA in Health Care Management. 


You want to break into the health care industry.


If you aren’t currently working in health care administration and instead have work experience or a Bachelor’s degree in a different field, an MBA with a specialization in health care management can help you transition into the industry without having to start back at square one. 


If you already have a degree in finance, marketing, or business, an MBA in Health Care Management can help you broaden your skill set. A good MBA program will also help you to enhance your leadership skills and improve your ability to apply your expertise to specific health care scenarios and challenges. 


Your current health care job isn’t satisfying you.


The health care industry is complex and offers many challenges and opportunities to change peoples’ lives through leadership efforts to deliver increased organizational efficiency and, ultimately, better service to patients. 


But without an advanced degree, it can be difficult to move into the administration side of the field and away from clinical positions. 


While clinical positions offer the opportunity to work directly with patients, an administrative position often gives you the chance to work within the system to initiate policy change, make life easier for medical staff, and have a positive effect on people who are going through a scary time in their lives. An MBA with a specialization in health care management can help you move toward a higher-paid position with more responsibility and more chances to make a positive impact.


Unlike a Master’s of Health Care Administration, an MBA in Health Care Management includes a heavier focus on business principles and best practices. From Medical Practice Manager to Hospital CEO, many positions require an advanced understanding not just of health care, but also of business and management. With an MBA in health care management, these kinds of challenging and, ultimately, rewarding health care leadership positions are on your horizon. 


Whether you’re looking for more money, more opportunities to make patients’ lives easier, or more opportunities to affect positive change in our complex and often frustrating health care system, an MBA in Health Care can set you on the right path.


You’re looking for more upward momentum.


For people currently working in the health care industry who want to move up the organizational ladder, an MBA in Health Care Management is a great next step


Graduating from an MBA program is especially useful if you’re looking to make a jump into a different department or role. 


When your career advancement is based solely on your past experience, your options can be limited. Completing an MBA in Health Care Management can help you find a job that’s more in-line with your interests and abilities.


You want to use your position to help people.


Health care is such an important part of people’s lives, and while every job in health care is important, people with an MBA in Healthcare Management are uniquely positioned to make a difference through improved operational efficiency and improved organizational performance. 


While you might be currently handling scheduling or payments in a hospital or doctor’s office, an MBA can allow you to affect an organization’s policies and procedures, improve overall facility operations and efficiency, and drive improved performance that will impact patients’ care at a higher level. Successful health care administrators can have far reaching effects that improve the experiences of every patient, and especially those who are most in need, like veterans and people living in poverty.


Is an MBA in Health Care Management right for you?


Whether you’re already working in health care or looking to break in, an online or on-campus MBA in Health Care Management can help you make strides toward the career you’ve always wanted. 


Concordia University’s online MBA in Health Care Management can open up opportunities for you to affect change and help people at the highest levels of the health care system. And you can get your education without having to quit your day job. Visit our program page today to learn how this degree can help you advance your health care career.

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