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Drive Positive Change and Business Success With a Master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneurship degree can help leaders and dreamers develop the essential business skills needed to launch or grow a company, while an innovation degree empowers visionaries to turn big ideas into industry-changing reality. An Accenture survey found 96% of executives agree innovation is critical to long-term success, with 84% stating their organization’s strategy is “very” or “extremely” dependent on it.(1) 

The Master of Arts in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Concordia University Chicago answers the growing need for cutting-edge strategies in management and leadership. Offered through the university’s College of Business’ Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, this master’s degree aims to combine the best of entrepreneurial mindset and innovative thinking.

This program is offered online and face-to-face (depending on enrollment). A convenient online learning platform makes the master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship an ideal option for busy professionals across the country and around the world. The program is designed for individuals who aspire to create a new business or nonprofit, or to assume a leadership role in a startup. It is also an excellent fit for “intrapreneurs” who work in business development, continuous improvement, research and development, and other business areas.

Students in the master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship program will:

  • Explore ways to develop creative talent—both personally and among individuals and teams.
  • Learn to build a work environment that supports creative and divergent thinking.
  • Examine leadership theories and styles that foster innovation.
  • Analyze how design thinking and innovation principles can be used to create strategic value.

Groundbreaking Business Ventures Start With an Online Master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Concordia University Chicago has earned a reputation for excellence in graduate business education, with programs ranging from specialized MBAs and MA to a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA). In addition to a strong focus on creativity and innovation, as outlined above, the MA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship incorporates business coursework with an emphasis on practical skills.

Through the online courses in this business master’s program, students will learn how to:

  • Read and accurately interpret financial statements for business diagnostics.
  • Apply best practices for leading cross-border projects.
  • Design and rapidly prototype solutions that deliver a unique value proposition.
  • Leverage social media to engage consumers and achieve business goals.
  • Integrate ethical frameworks into business decisions and reduce risk and liability.

Make Your Mark as a High-Potential, Ethical Innovator

In addition to outdated processes within organizations, market saturation of products and services as well as increased global competition have led to a high-demand for next-generation innovators across all industries.

Innovation takes many forms. It exists in the form of product differentiation to improve on an existing item; the development of a new product to suit a growing need; and in creatively managing internal systems in a non-traditional way. 

Dr. Claudia Santin, Dean of the College of Business, explains that the MA in Innovation & Entrepreneurship begins with 

“teaching students how to be more creative in order to be catalysts for innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities.
We then layer in innovation to stimulate students’ brains to think in a different way. When people innovate,
they make the most of their resources which ultimately adds value both to the individual and to society.”

Degree Program Specifications

Students must complete 30 credit hours of coursework to earn an MA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Concordia University Chicago. This business master’s program features nine online classes and a 3-credit capstone that is designed to help students synthesize and apply what they have learned in a real-world entrepreneurial or innovation-related experience.

The academic calendar spans three 16-week semesters per year, and each semester consists of two consecutive eight-week terms. Students who take one course per term can complete the program in less than two years.

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission into the MA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship program at Concordia University Chicago, applicants must have earned a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution. Prospective students must complete the free online application and submit all required admission materials:

  • Objective Statement – Write a brief statement outlining your education, career and/or business goals, and explain how an online business master’s degree from Concordia University Chicago will help you fulfill those objectives.
  • Official Transcripts – Provide one official, sealed transcript from each institution that has granted you a degree. Full admission to the master’s program requires a cumulative grade point average of 2.85 or better for bachelor’s degrees and 3.00 or higher for a master’s degrees.
  • Letters of Recommendation – Send two letters of recommendation from individuals who are able to comment on your academic proficiency, professional competencies, personal character and business potential.

International applicants may be required to submit additional supporting materials, such as proof of English language proficiency and a foreign transcript evaluation from an approved credentialing service. For full requirements, visit the Admission & Tuition page. 

There is no application fee and no GRE requirement to apply for the online master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Concordia University Chicago.

MA, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: 30 Credit Degree Program

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Courses

Course Number Course Credit Hours
MIE 6001 Creative Thinking and Practice 3
MIE 6002 Leading Innovation in the Digital Age 3
MIE 6003 Entrepreneurship for the Global Society 3
MBAE 6265 Prototyping/Co-Designing Solutions 3
MBAD 6115 Social Media Marketing Communications 3
MBAL 6020 Agents of Change 3
MIE 6004 Financial Accounting for the Entrepreneurial Firm 3
MBAC 6050 Ethics, Law and Communication in Decision Making 3
MBAC 6250 Strategy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3
MIE 6990 Capstone: Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3
Career Outlook for Entrepreneurs and Innovation Leadersders

Graduates who earn an MA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Concordia University Chicago are well equipped to launch their own business venture, assume leadership or intrapreneur roles within an organization, or serve as a consultant to startups and other organizations seeking to optimize innovation.

Accenture’s U.S. innovation survey found that 63% of companies are appointing innovation executives to their C-suite leadership. However, the researchers emphasized that “superior innovation requires more than C-level oversight… It demands engagement from all levels of the organization.”(1) 

Students who complete the master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship program are well positioned for such roles as:

  • Founder and Owner
  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Head of Research and Development
  • Business Development Director
  • Product Innovation Manager
  • Business Innovation Consultant

Many entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs hold executive leadership roles in their respective companies. The BLS forecasts that employment of top executives will increase 8% from 2016 to 2026. While entrepreneurs’ incomes vary widely depending on their industry and length of time in business, the BLS tracks salaries for those with executive titles. As of May 2017, chief executives earned a median salary of $183,270 per year.(2) 

Formal education can help improve entrepreneurs’ success rates by teaching them proven strategies and best practices. Those who also master the principles of innovation can gain a competitive advantage by leading groundbreaking advances and industry disruption. Graduates with a master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Concordia University Chicago should be ready to generate new business ideas, develop original products and services, and refine existing offerings—ultimately contributing to ongoing growth.

Tuition and Financial Aid ers

If there is no interruption in your course of study at Concordia University Chicago, you are guaranteed there will be no increase in tuition rates. Contact us to confirm the current tuition and fees for this business master’s program. Degree candidates pursuing an online MA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship are eligible to apply for federal financial aid.

Active-duty military service members, veterans and eligible dependents can take advantage of financial programs available to assist in paying for a college education. For more information, please visit the Active Duty/Military website.


  1. 2015 US Innovation Survey—Innovation: Clear Vision, Cloudy Execution; March 2016.
  2. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. “Top Executives”; Occupational Outlook Handbook; last updated April 13, 2018.

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