MA Human Services Course Descriptions

HMS‐6000: Introduction to the Human Service Profession (3 hours) Students are provided an understanding of the nature of the profession of human services from the origins of the field to present challenges and approaches. Students develop an identity with the profession through membership in a human service organization and are exposed to the many parts of the multidisciplinary field of Human Services. 

HMS‐6010: Human Service Systems (3 hours) The curriculum in this course covers knowledge and theory of the interaction of human systems including the following: individual, interpersonal, group, family, organizational, community and societal. 

HMS‐6045: Values, Attitudes & Ethics (3 hours) Examination of personally held values, attitudes and ethics and the various ways they can impact work with others to promote understanding of human service ethics and their application to practice for a variety of human service fields and activities. Prerequisite: C or higher in HMS‐6000. 

HMS‐6030: Information, Planning and Evaluation in Human Services (3 hours) Students are introduced to the philosophical and theoretical approaches to information management, information literacy and research in the field of human services. Students will use knowledge, theory and skills in systemic analysis of service needs, strategies, services, interventions and evaluation of service outcomes. Prerequisite: C or higher in HMS‐6000. 

HMS‐6015: Intervention and Direct Services (3 hours) Knowledge and skill development in aspects of direct service delivery, self‐awareness, professional identity and appropriate interventions to working with clients involved in various human service programs. Prerequisite: C or higher in HMS‐6000. 

HMS‐6495: Administration of Human Services (3 hours) Focus on structure of programs, financial and legal concerns, agency management, and evaluation of services of planning. Prerequisite: C or higher in HMS‐6000. 

4 Electives (Total 12 hours)

HMS‐6925: Internship: Human Service (3 hours) Supervised experience (300 clock hours) in a human service agency or organization. Site to be approved by Concordia‐Chicago prior to semester. On‐campus classroom component required. Go back to MA Human Services program.

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