Is a Doctorate in Business Administration Right for You?

dba program

A Doctorate in Business Administration, or DBA, is a degree that pushes for application-oriented research and real-world functionality of the knowledge acquired. Research is a key component of DBA programs and helps to propel professionals to leadership roles in their respective fields.

If you’re thinking about earning a DBA, particularly from Concordia University Chicago, here are three questions to consider: 

What is there to gain?

A DBA is about career advancement. You’ll learn the theories behind leadership and business best practices, and how to apply them practically within a business context. You may have already had success in your career, but a DBA will propel you to the next level. It is for those looking for a new challenge and who want to expand their current knowledge-base with research topics that interest them.

The professors and students in DBA programs come from a variety of backgrounds, and through coursework and dissertation development, you’ll have the chance to get to know them and learn from their experiences. Many benefit from the vast number of networking opportunities that DBA programs offer their students. 

What does it consist of?

Doctorate degrees in business are focused on practical application, so coursework is skill-focused. You’ll learn about social responsibility and ethics, research methods, business strategy, and strategic marketing. Some DBA programs offer specializations that heighten your ability to grow in your career. Concordia University Chicago offers two specializations: Strategic Leadership and Innovation and Innovation in Health Care Management. 

Your DBA program will culminate in a dissertation which you will work on concurrently with your coursework. At Concordia-Chicago, you choose your topic early in your DBA program and are paired with a mentor who will be there with you throughout the whole process. These mentors are professors who specialize in related topics to your dissertation and often communicate with their mentees multiple times a week. Unlike the Ph.D. programs, the DBA program does not require a completion exam to earn your degree. 

What sets Concordia University Chicago apart?

Concordia University Chicago’s DBA program offers campus-like relationships with professors while remaining fully online. Students won’t have to uproot their lives to advance their careers. They are provided with the opportunity to research what they’re passionate about while working with professionals who also share those passions. The DBA program at Concordia can be completed in 3 years, or 60 credits, and grants students access to the university’s Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which offers speaker series, seminars, research programs, consulting engagements, workshops, and other networking opportunities.

The online DBA program prepares students to be ethical and socially responsible leaders as well as to be competitive in the global marketplace. If you’re looking to take the next step in advancing your career and becoming a stronger leader, Concordia University Chicago’s Doctorate of Business Administration can help you get there.

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