How an MA in Human Services Helps You Better Serve People and Communities

Those who enter human services do so because of a drive to spend their career helping others. While human services can cover different jobs in different settings, each involves a calling to service to work in bettering the lives of those in less fortunate circumstances.

For those wishing to reach the pinnacle of their career and fulfill their potential in human services, a Master of Arts in Human Services can provide a key step along their chosen path.

It won’t make you the perfect human services professional – that comes from within. But it provides all the tools, techniques, knowledge, and strategies you need to get there.

Growing Demand for Human Service Professionals

There are many jobs within the field of human services. They include social work counselor, case management, community support worker, mental health counselor, life skills counselor, and gerontology service, just to name a few.

One thing all these jobs have in common is the fact they are growing. For example, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects 16% nationwide growth by 2026 in the number of social workers alone. Illinois ranks among the top five states in social worker employment, with an annual mean salary ($65,890) that is higher than the national average.

Another example is in substance abuse counseling, where the BLS projects 23% growth by 2026 nationwide.

The BLS offers many reasons for the growth in human services. They include:

  • An aging U.S. population that requires more support
  • The retirement of older human services professionals
  • An awareness among more people of the value in seeking human services support
  • The growing need in many areas, including social work and alcohol and substance abuse counseling

The Impact of a Master’s Degree

There are practical implications in earning a master’s degree. In all industries, including human services, holding a master’s degree typically means pay will be higher. It also means more chance for promotion to top jobs.

And that’s the real key. Master’s degree programs attract human service professionals who wish to have a bigger role in designing programs and leading agencies that support underserved and poverty-stricken communities – those that need the most help.

A quality master’s degree program offers the skills needed to take on such positions. For example, the online MA in Human Services at Concordia University-Chicago offers coursework in:

  • Intervention and direct services
  • Information, planning and evaluation in human services
  • Administration of human services
  • Counseling techniques and interventions
  • Substance/alcohol abuse and treatment
  • Program management in aging
  • Applied psychopathology and diagnosis

The growing demand for leaders in human services, coupled with the flexibility and convenience of online classes, has given professionals opportunity to advance their career without disrupting their current jobs. It’s a choice worth considering for those who want to realize their full potential in the human services field.

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